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La Clarite' - Nominated for 2005 Best First Recording by the Cajun French Music Association

-All Night Long - selected for group nomination for 2007 Grammy award for the Cajun/Zydeco category

-Originals - Nominated for 2014 CFMA People's Choice Award

La Clarite' (2004)
All Night Long  (2007) 

Sounds Like Us (2011) 
Bebe's Two Step
That's Where I'm Going
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Traditional and Contemporary Cajun Music 
from South Louisiana
​    Adding to the repertoire once again, ACB is back with a new release entitled "No Time Like a Good Time".  This release, complete with ten new originals and three great covers, the cd promises to live up to its fun loving name.  "It was certainly fun to get back to getting the whole band together to make a new album.  We've got new faces, new material, new sounds.  We are extremely excited for this one!", remarked Ryan. 
The album features new musicians Mitch Schexnyder, Chad Huval, and Trevor Landry helping to lend their own unique take on Cajun music and on their own experiences.  Ryan says, "We've even added steel guitars this time.  Mitch is a very talented fiddler but also equally as talented on the steel guitar.  It's great to be able to incorporate other musicians' abilities and influences to create unique music.  I love it".
    The album is may be made with a few new faces, it is undoubtedly Acadien.  As mentioned the majority of the cd is original but done in the contemporary, dancehall style.  It is also the music that you will hear when ACB performs live, whether that is with the full band on a festival stage or with an acoustic three piece playing in someone's back yard for a private party.  From foot stomping two steps and swinging blues numbers to soulful waltzes and hopping reels, "No Time Like a Good Time" is sure to be a favorite in the growing repertoire of music that is Cajun music.  Ryan says, "I have no doubt this cd will live up to its name.  It's different than our other albums yet, in some way, very much the same.  Somehow, the more I listen to it, the more I realize that it is very much Acadien Cajun Band."

Originals (2013) 
No Time Like a Good Time (2015)