The band's latest release is here!  Click on the link above for CD ordering and check out the discography link for more! All Night Long is the band's second album, featuring sounds and styles from various corners of Cajun and Creole music.  You are sure to get caught up in the foot-stomping and rocking songs of the true Cajun dancehall sound, while  falling in love with the soulful and heartbreaking waltzes of years gone by.  The cd is a genuine must for any music lover.  Check out the discography page for more information.

South Louisiana has forever been marked with a rich history of music, from blues, rhthym and blues, soul, swamp pop, rock and roll, and, of course, cajun and zydeco music.  Within the realm of cajun, creole, and zydeco music, however, there lies an emergence of contemporary yet traditional sound and style of the typical musician.  With additions such as electric guitars, slide guitars, twin fiddles, triple row accordions, etc. and along with the influences of the fore-mentioned genres, the music itself continues to grow in an ever-dynamic fashion.
In the spring of 2000, Acadien Cajun Band was created with the intention and the will to carry the tradition one step further.  Unlike the typical cajun and zydeco band, relying on standard sounds was not one of the band's primary objectives.  Ryan Simon, the band's founder and guitarist/accordionist, states that "we are, and have always been for that matter, a band that relies on each other for our initiave and our sound.  We are fundamentally traditional in what we play, whether it be standard tunes or not, yet we aspire to be 'originally challenged'"  "Originally Challenged" as Ryan puts it, is the ever-present aspect that defines the band. Use one of the best custom writing services at your disposal and get a chance to see them play.   Since the band first started playing venues and festivals, the main objective has been originality.  The culmination of that can be seen on their latest release All Night Long, which is described in more detail on the discography page.
In addition to their orginality, Acadien Cajun Band can also be most noted for their versatility.  "One thing we really pride ourselves on, " says Ryan, "is our versatility.  Vary rarely when we play will we finish playing the same instruments we started out playing.  I'll switch to accordion, or we'll just finish off with an acoustic set with two fiddles, etc."  "We are a band of musicians, and our music defines the band, not the other way around."
Another measure the band takes in their approach to performing is the songs themselves.  Despite the original tunes the band plays, the majority of its repertoire is tradition music.  Ryan states, "We sound the best when we learn from each other.  What really drives us is when we don't have to listen to records or cd's.  That's when we become original, even if it is with standard tunes."  "For example, we might play a traditional two fiddle two-step.   We might just play it accoustically if one of us thinks its sounds better."  "Each of us, moreover, is an encyclopedia of Cajun music in his own right.  We each have different influences that we teach the others, whether it be songs or styles that help contribute to our sound. 
Whatever the case, Acadien Cajun Band is  an aspiring young band, full of exuberance and a true love for what they do.  You will find them at jam sessions, clubs, dancehalls, recording studios and other venues through the music scene of south Louisiana carrying on what they were taught, teaching what they know, and loving every minute of it.

7th, McGee's Landing, Henderson, LA
12th, Abeliene Club, Rochester, NY
13th, Connolly's, New York City, NY
14th, Dancing By the Bayou, Glen Echo, MD
15th, Sportsmen's Tavern, Buffalo, NY
Acadien Cajun Band Live at Ashkenaz Music Hall
Berkeley CA

Acadien Cajun Band Live at Rosendale Cafe
Rosendale, NY

ACB's third release entitled "Sounds like Us" IS NOW Available!!!  Please click below to order!!!
Acadien Cajun Band Live at Cajun/Zydeco Festival
at Ardenwood Farms
Fremont, CA
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Louisiana State University
National Shrimp Festival, Gulf Shores, AL
Black Pot Festival, Lafayette, LA
Dancing on the Bayou, Glen Echo, MD
Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY
Plaza Bowl, Richmond, VA
Long Beach Cajun Zydeco Festival, Long Beach, CA
Cajun and Zydeco Festival at Ardenwood Historic Farms, Fremont, CA
Sportsmen's Tavern, Buffalo, NY
RCZN, Rochester, NY
Roots Music in Texas Weekend, Fredericksburg, TX
Rendez vous des Cajuns, Liberty Theatre, Eunice, LA
Blue Moon Saloon and Dancehall, Lafayette, LA
Cafe Des Amis, Breaux Bridge, LA
Somebody Scream Productions, Ossining, NY
World Famous Mudbug Festival, Alexandria, LA
McGee's Landing, Henderson, LA

Randol's World Famous Cajun Restaurant, Lafayette, LA
Fred's World Famous Lounge, Mamou, LA
Ville Platte Cotton Festival, Ville Platte, LA
Pat's Atchafalaya Club, Henderson, LA
Lundi Gras, Downtown Mamou, LA
Nick's On 2nd St., Eunice, LA
Northeast Louisiana Film Festival, Bastrop, LA
Poppatop Club and Dancehall, St. Martinville, LA
Two-Check's Famous Dancehall and Jam Session, Maurice, LA
Rayne, LA Civic Center, live Cajun Heritage Performances, 2004
Augusta Heritage Week, Augusta, WV, 200-2003, 2005
Wawee's on the Vermilion River, Milton, LA
Congres-Mondial Acadien, Eunice, LA 2000
Numerous Private Parties, Wedding Receptions, & Socials
Press and Selected Past Performances
Traditional and Contemporary Cajun Music from South Louisiana
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